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About Coorg Clay Mart

Welcome to Coorg Clay Mart. Coorg clay mart continues to meet the needs of its customers by creating innovative designs and colours.
Coorg clay mart remains the dominant supplier of clay products in south India and on fine agricultural jobs across the country. Have you ever gulped down a mouthful of water on a summer day after coming back from a hectic day's work in the open field from a clay pot? How did you feel then? Cool and comforted totally; isn't it? That's the magic of earth, clay. It's natural, harmless, potentiated with a lot of cooling and curative properties. Remember everything on earth is made of mud and clay. It's the natural material we will return naturally one day.  Believe us, mud has magical properties in plenty. It will nourish your home. Keep as many mud pots, clayware, clay utensils, artifacts, or ornamental pieces in your office. It will compliment your premises naturally. You will get the nourishing scent of mud and will get relaxed energized healthy and agile. Have as many plants, flowering or fruit-bearing in your orchard, well rooted in clay pots. It will render your habitat eco friendly. It will attract a lot of butterflies, love birds, and distract harmful flees and beetles. In the evening it will take a  stroll through such an orchard you will feel as if you are in Eden again.
It's a good omen too. Whatever be the kind of clay pots you want, whether ornamental or utilitarian, come to us, for your home, office, or orchard, we have a collection of it, wee suited for you. For a natural life.

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